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Our Texas Story

The TrackFrom the beginning of Squire Livery Tours, Napa & Sonoma, Kent and Hollie have always looked for opportunities to grow and share our love of wine and people.  We’ve always thought about expanding our wine tour business and with the year 2020/COVID-19, we were pushed into uncharted territory!

We love Texas and the people.  Over the years, we had heard the rise of quality of the Texas Wines and yet we had no idea, just how good they were until our visit in January 2021!

With the invite of a friend from Napa Valley, who recently relocated to Fredericksburg, we drove down to Texas Hill Country not knowing what to expect. We absolutely loved what we found, not only the wines, the wineries, some yummy spirits but a warm welcome from Texans as well!

During our January 2021 visit/exploration of Texas Wine County, many of our Texas and Squire Friend’s came to visit and wine tour with us.  What a great experience for us and our friends, we were SOLD…. and.. SquireTEXAS was born!

Kent and Hollie will still reside in Napa and will be making trips through the year to Fredericksburg but in the interim, we needed to find a driver/guide for wine tours.  In comes Carol and we couldn’t be more blessed to have her on our team.  Carol came to us through one of our Texas wineries.  Kent met Carol’s husband Rob who was working at the winery and through their conversations he said my wife would be perfect! 

Carol was born and raised in Texas, graduated with a degree in history and government from Texas Tech University (guns up), and had a long career in project management and technology for state government and education. Carol and her husband Rob resided in Austin for 35 years before moving to the Hill Country 15yrs ago.  Along with her husband, Carol is a longtime wine aficionados, actively volunteering for Austin wine events and following the Texas wine industry since the late 1980’s.  She has visited numerous wine regions around the world, has certifications as a wine educator, specializing in Texas wine.  Giving her unparalleled experience, Carol is passionate about Texas Terroir and as your guide, she can guarantee you the tasting experience in true “Lone Star Style”.

If you are new to the Texas Wine Trail or ready to learn more, all while having fun, let native Texan Carol or when Kent and Hollie are in town, let us introduce you to the pleasures of Texas wine.  We will squire you in our 9-passenger Chevrolet Suburban, with the capacity to hold up 8 guests. With leather seats and a spacious interior, it has a feel of luxury, whether you are 2 guests or 8.  Add a person up front, and six visitors, you can tour quite comfortably. However, if you’re willing to get slightly cozy, the middle seat can fold down to accommodate 8 passengers. Our suburban is set up with bluetooth capability, along with XM Radio, for cruising tunes while touring around wine country. 

A message from Kent